Do You Think You're Better Than Me Because You Wear Hijab?

This one is for all my non-hijabi Muslim sisters: I love you.  And I don't think you're a bad Muslim.  Or a slut.  Or that you must sleep around.  Sometimes my non-hijabi "born Muslim" friends tell me that I make them feel guilty because if a convert is strong enough to wear hijab, they should be, too.  But please, don't look at it that way - (gul "mashaAllah" though! LoL). There is nothing more beautiful to me than when I see a group of Muslim girls hanging out - one Yemeni, one Syrian, one Somalian, one Indonesian, one white Czech girl (that's me!) all in diverse forms of hijab: a niqqabi, a couple of hijabis, a conservative dresser without a scarf, and one with a tank top and short shorts... And please know, the niqqabi may be the worst Muslim out of all of them.