Why did you write a blog?

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you. Yes you, whoever you may be!

Whether you're Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic... Whether you're heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual, asexual... Whether you're black, white, tan, blue, yellow, green, orange (hey Snooki! glad to see you here!)... Whether you're six, sixteen, sixty, six hundred...

I hope that you can learn from what I post, or at the very least, laugh.

I have had the idea of writing a blog for a while - mainly after my Convert Story was published all over the world - and I came home to find 2846 friend requests from people all over Malaysia.

Then, I realized that people always ask me the same questions! 

I love answering questions, trust me I love talking about myself - and Islam! - but answering the same questions over and over gets tedious.

So, I thought I would answer them here.

I will try my best to write one or two posts a week - If I can do more I will.

I hope to leave a legacy of posts  that I can reread when I'm older - and that my children can read someday, God willing.

If you have any topic suggestions, I'd be happy to post about that subject. Just email me!

I will answer topics in question format.  And, after I run out of questions I will move on to other topics that interest me, inshaAllah