Wild, Crazy, Beautiful Soul - We Miss You, Lulu


Today, December 10th, marks one year since my friend Lulu passed away - may Allah swt be pleased with her soul.  My friend R and I have spent a lot of time reflecting on her over the past year and still, I feel like I can’t get over it.  

I feel like she’s going to text me “ya 7iwanaaaaa” or “what’s up you ostrich?”

I visited Los Angeles last month and had a chance to cruise down Sunset Blvd, which was the signature move of our group, and it broke my heart to know we can never do that again.  

Lulu isn’t here. 

She’s not here to complain.  She’s not here to bicker.  She’s not here to laugh with.

I picture her with her eyes like little lines from laughing so hard and then crawling over to me and stealing my sushi.

Some of my best memories on this earth had Lulu in them.  To think she’s not here to reminisce on those moments kills me. 

To think I won’t be at her wedding breaks my heart.  

To think we won’t grow old as friends hurts my soul.

Still, Lulu’s life brought me an incredible joy, adventure, exploration, and spice. 

Her death has been extremely impactful. It has drawn me closer to my friends.  It has taught me that life is truly so fleeting - in particularly the way she died.  It also reminded me of the Mercy of Allah (swt) in reducing her pain and giving her the opportunity to say shahada multiple times before she passed away.  

I love you, Lulu.  I miss you.  

I’m sorry for your family.  I pray you and your father will be patient in waiting for your family to join you in Jannah amongst the shaheed.  I pray all of us girls can be your neighbors there as well.  We will cruise.  We will eat gelato.  We will laugh until we cry, inshaAllah.

In the meantime, we will pray for your wild, crazy, beautiful soul.