Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Mother


happy birthday, beautiful.

the best gift I ever received was God giving me the honor of you being my mother, friend and forever role model. 

last week one of my friends posted a video of her mother dancing around her kitchen on her birthday, and it reminded me of all the times we did the same. 

cleaning, dancing, singing at the top of our lungs. cruising around and "stalking" the houses of the boys i had crushes on in middle school. embarrassing me. laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. crying so hard we couldn't breathe. 

i can't imagine having anyone else as my mother. even though you were taken from me way too early, i wouldn't trade you for anyone else. i wish you were here more than anything. i need you. i've lived more than half of my life without you, and i wish we could have kept laughing and crying through it. 

you said in a letter you wrote days before you died, "just know that me, God, and all of the angels are walking with you, then you never need to feel alone... there's nothing in life you can't get through, and i promise to help you...forever" and that has always gotten me through <3

sixty-one years ago today you gave grandma and grandpa the daughter they wanted and i'm so honored he chose me to be yours. 

see you someday soon. trying to make you proud until then. love you forever.