Happy National Day to My Favorite Place on Earth

The only place on this earth I have ever been that my heart feels whole is Saudi Arabia.  For many Westerners, this place is far from ideal, but for me, this is the happiest place on earth.  Disney World who? 

I cannot explain my fascination or my captivation with Saudi Arabia to you.  It all started when I met some of my dearest friends, who happened to be Saudi.  After learning about the culture - both the good and not-so-perfect aspects - I fell in love.  I knew I HAD to live there, but I also knew that was nearly impossible.  So after two years of trying constantly to move to Riyadh, I finally fulfilled my dream in 2015.  

I’ve been all over Europe, everywhere in America, all over the Middle East, and the only place where I find myself wanting to return over and over again is Riyadh.

Some people think I’m crazy.  

Most people think I’m crazy.

But, this is my home.  InshaAllah, if Saudi will have me, this will be my home forever and ever.

Thank you to King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed for the changes you are making to improve the lives of those who reside here. May Allah keep you for your people and protect you.

I cannot wait to raise a family here and to spend my days growing old here, inshaAllah.  I have seen it change, improve, grow in just two years of being here.  I can’t wait to see what the coming years have in store.

Alhamdulilah for the blessing of feeling at home though I am 8000 miles away from where I was born.

So, Saudia:  I love you.  I am honored to live within your borders.  Thank you for helping me learn Arabic.  Thank you for upholding standards of Islam.  Thank you for progressing.  Thank you for not apologizing to anyone for your traditions.  Thank you for the wonderful people that were born and raised within your borders that are more than friends, but have become family.  Thank you for accepting me.  Thank you for finally - after 25 years - making me feel like I belong somewhere.

May Allah (swt) protect Saudi Arabia - it’s people, it’s culture, it’s traditions, it's values, it’s royal family, and the Two Holy Mosques.

Happy 87th National Day, Saudia.


Love Always,

Your Favorite Extra Saudized Amreekya