I Can't Wait to Introduce You To My Life...

First and foremost, praying that this year of 2017 is a blessed year for you and those you love. And, during this new year I have decided to do something that is somewhat out of character for me....

I'm starting a YouTube channel as a supplement to this blog.

I plan to discuss some of the tough topics in Islam, in America, and in Saudia and Dubai where I spend a large portion of my time.  In addition, I will be doing story time videos about funny things that have happened to me, collaborating with other famous Muslim YouTubers, giveaways, talking about my favorite "Muslimy" things, and providing you with the means to laugh at my terrible Arabic accent. Plus much more.

WOO HOO. You read that right.  Hannah on YouTube. Shocking but true.

I don't like to have my photo taken let alone be on camera, so this is quite different for me, but I am hoping Allah will give me the power to extend my dawah outreach to those who hate reading (like me!).

I hope you will stay tuned and next week you will have my first video inshaAllah :)

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Thank you for all of your support from the first day I started this blog to today.  You're the best <3

Additionally, I'm so thankful to say that as of today I've reached 2000 followers on Facebook.  May Allah reward you all. I love you guys.

See you soon inshaAllah <3