We Are All Brothers & Sisters Under the Same God

While I do not celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, I do believe that it is important to acknowledge that I pray that all of those celebrating their holidays bring them closer to the Creator.  We do not have to agree on the details of how we worship Him, but we should agree that in worshipping Him, we are all brothers and sisters. There is a quote I have always loved, and I think it is exceptionally important during the holiday season: "I love you when you pray in your temple, kneel in your church, and make sujood in your masjid, because we are all brothers and sisters under the same God" <3

And, I truly mean it.  While some of my family celebrates Christmas, I wish them all the joy that this time of the year brings.  It's such a special, beautiful time of year in America. And, I'm sure anyone celebrating Hanukkah has the same feeling.

I pray that this year, our religions find peace between them.  You are all loved by me, regardless of how you praise Him.  May He continue to answer your prayers.


"May Peace be upon Jesus, the day he was born, the day he dies, and the day he will be resurrected once again" (Quran 19:33).