Life Update

Just a quick life update for everyone: The last few months of my traveling have been absolutely crazy... but, that kind of crazy that I love so it's all good.

Between visiting my family in Cleveland,

Visiting friends in Los Angeles (where I now have a permanent residence Alhamdulilah),

Visiting friends and business opportunities in Dubai,

Traveling to Riyadh for business,

and traveling to Khobar to visit friends and weddings....

I'm tired.

But, Alhamdulilah, I'm back where my heart feels most content until February: in Riyadh.

Plus, I have a major announcement (no, I'm not getting married... keep wishing...) coming at the end of the month that I'm praying will -inshaAllah - help to increase my dawah efforts many times over if Allah so wills.

Thanks for all your continuing support always.  I'm honored to share my life, travels, and craziness with each and every one of you <3