Are You Kidding, America?


I was so confident going into the election that Hillary would win that I barely kept up with the election during the entire day on the 8th.  I personally choose not to vote for weird reasons that I don't think deserve explaining because they're really not that intelligent, but I knew no one would go out to vote for a candidate that makes rape jokes and that has literally NO idea what he's doing... I mean, I know my fellow Americans aren't all geniuses but no one is that stupid. Then, I went to a Lakers game and checked the results and felt like I was going to pass out.

Are you kidding me, America?

A man that is literally a modern Hitler is now the leader of our country... let that sink in.

If you have another opinion, I'm not sorry that I offended you.  I'm sorry that you've never experienced what it's like to be "other."

I used to be just like you... I used to never know what it was like to be discriminated against.  I was never threatened by police or by other people.  No one told me to "go back where I come from."

That is, until I decided to convert and wore hijab.  All of a sudden, I became "other."  And let me tell you, "other" is scary.  It's hard to live in a world where people tell you you deserve to be killed for your beliefs, or that you're going to hell, or that you don't deserve to live in America... it literally sucks.

And now, someone who thinks I should be put into a Muslim camp until "things are sorted out" is the leader of this country.

Since his presidency, there have been Muslim girls who have had so many problems: having their scarves tugged at, being told its illegal to wear it, and even being threatened to be lit on fire if the hijab wasn't removed.

And even worse, this is not a Muslim issue.  This is an everyone issue: young Latino students were told by classmates they would be deported, black people have seen increased hatred, and the suicide rate for LGQBT? community has greatly increased.

I love you, America.  I believe in you.  You need to stand up for what is right in this world.  I don't think my beliefs are the only "right" beliefs, but they are humane. They are filled with compassion. And they understand what being an "other" is.

I don't hate you if you voted for Trump, but I hate you if you're perpetuating the stereotypes that create a huge divide in this country and that have done so since the day white people landed in America.

May God protect us all - from the littlest Mexican kindergartener to the oldest hijabi Muslima and everyone in between.