Thank You. I Love You.

I can't write about the madness of the election just yet because I will have an aneurysm... but in an effort to have a positive moment in my day, I responded to all of the dozens of emails I missed on my travels to Dubai. First, so sorry that I don't respond as immediately as I would like to.  I read them literally within seconds of you sending them, but I want to make sure I am being authentic in my responses on an individual basis.

Second, thank you.  I literally pray for each of you... you have no idea how thankful I am. Like, really, really, really, sincerely, thank you.  Thank you for just reading this. Thank you for caring about me... I'm really undeserving.  Last month I lost someone (Nicole) who I cared about very much - more than she would ever know - and when I read what you wrote  me in the emails, I was overwhelmed with appreciation.  It made me feel so much better.  I know how I felt the first time I read her blog and how special she made me feel when I read it... so I hope I can impart a tiny percentage of that feeling back to you. SubhanAllah, I miss her.

Third, you guys are seriously the best.  I am so impressed and honored by all of the amazing amazing amazing women who email me on a daily basis.  I'm so sorry for all of your struggles, but, as I said to one particularly special girl today, I pray you find all the beauty in the struggles.

I listen to hardcore rap because... well... I like to be as strange of a combination as possible... and J.Cole says, "there's beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success... we grew up in the city and though sometimes we had less, compared to some of my n[eighbo]rs down the block, man, we were blessed. life is not a fairy tale no once upon a time, but I'll be G-d damned if [I] don't be trying..." It's really a wise lyric more than it gets credit for.

Anyways, moral of the story: thank you and I love you.  I'm honored to know you, whoever you are.  Or, I'm honored that you know me at least :) I don't care if you're a Puerto Rican Jew or a Tibetan Christian or an Australian Muslim.  I love you all and you're all special to me more than you can imagine.

Thanks for letting me take up a moment of your time.  <3 Hope we are all neighbors someday in Heaven so I can return the favor.