#PlayboyHijabi - Where Scarf Meets Scandalous


As my Facebook feed has continued to remind me, a hijabi woman was featured in Playboy magazine this week. No, she wasn't wearing hijab and pasties... she gave an interview that spoke about modesty... but from the comments, you would never realize that.

How dare we judge Noor?

Actually, I have spoken with her personally before when I asked for support on an idea I had brewing in my mind.  I talked to several "famous" Muslims and Noor was one of only a few who took the time to personally respond.  I like her in general, but I don't know her nor do I pretend to.

But what I do know is that sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves in unconventional ways.  Sometimes, my best conversations about hijab happen when a girl in very revealing clothing talks to me.  Sometimes my dawah is strongest when I'm speaking with people who fundamentally HATE Islam.

I get the part of the argument people are making that the interview will be used to sell more magazines and that this is thus making money for an organization that blatantly oppresses women in a way that Islam is HIGHLY against... but I don't get the criticisms of Noor herself.

I would be mad at her representation if she was half naked and talking about Islam... but... she's not.  Her body and her thoughts belong to her and do not belong to all of Islam.  Just as we do not want ISIS to speak for all of us because we don't agree with their ideas, Noor also does not need to speak for all of us if we don't agree with her opinions.

What if Allah loves her and you are judging her? You are calling her a hypocrite when Allah has not yet judged her or any of us.

Would I give an interview for Playboy? Maybe not... but for the sake of Noor and for the harsh criticisms I've seen from friends that I know a lot about... remember that Allah may magnify the one that you are humiliating.

Leave things that are not of your concern.

Allahu alam.  God knows best.