Do I Have to Wear a Hijab If I Convert to Islam?


Every day I check out the search terms people used to find my blog so if there are any questions that I feel like I might be able to answer, I have the ability to answer them so that the next similar Google search can give some answers inshaAllah. As a stipulation, I do try to always make it clear I'm not a religious expert by ANY means.  I'm just trying to explain what I know and my understanding of that very small subsection of knowledge.

I saw this question the other day: "Do I have to wear a hijab if I convert to Islam?"

So the answer is yes.... and no... at the same time.

Religiously, hijab is a requirement.  It's debated, but I'm honestly not quite sure why it's debated.  The Quran in verse 24:31 (yes, I know the verse by heart, that's how often I get this question) mentions that "khimar" (a covering of both the head and breast) is required.

At the same time, wearing hijab doesn't make you Muslim.  Thus, when you ask "do I have to" the answer is "not necessarily."

No one is perfect.  So, I might wear hijab but I may be terrible at prayer.  You might not wear hijab, but you might be a way better Muslim than I am in other ways.

You should wear hijab from an Islamic perspective... but no one is perfect. What is important is to have modesty.

So, my dear reader whoever you are that had this question in mind and came to my blog looking for an answer: If you do not feel comfortable wearing hijab today, but you believe that there is no god but God and that Prophet Muhammad is His messenger - take your shahada. Right now. And hijab can come in time.

Can I be honest with you? I felt the exact same way as you.  I promise.  I'm actually tearing up now thinking about how I used to feel this way and how scared I was... that scariness goes away so fast.

One day, I decided I felt better wearing hijab.  So I did. I tried it. I practiced.  And I practiced so much that I got good at it and started wearing it full time five years ago.

That feeling may come for you in a day. Or a year.  Or never...

And that's between you and your God.  NO ONE else.

Make it an ultimate goal, but first focus on your faith.  When God decides you will wear it, you will.

Trust me, it's just a piece of cloth... but what it represents will make your heart happier than you can imagine.

Welcome to Islam, my sister <3 May God hold your soul in His hand from now until forever.

With love,


P.S. if you need anything, please contact me.