Congratulations to Ibtihaj Muhammad #TeamUSA


First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Ms. Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first ever American olympian to compete wearing hijab.  I do not know her... but I'm as proud of her as if she was my own sister...

Because... well, she IS my sister.  My sister in Islam.

She is also my sister in passport ;)

Ibtihaj Muhammad helps to define America and to teach those who are so adamantly sure that Muslim women should "adapt" or to "assimilate" to "American culture" that... well, this IS American culture. Diversity, love, and acceptance are American.

American culture has nothing to do with how much skin is showing and much more to do with the content of our character... in both my opinion and that of Dr. Martin Luther King (can I get an amen?!).

I'm impressed with Muhammad's character.  May God continue to make her a shining example for girls throughout the world - whether they are Muslim or not!

Now, as happy as I am for America, hijabis, and Ibtihaj herself.  I'm devastated for how negative the media has been.

I googled her name to find a photo of her to include in this post.  The TOP results are below:


I did not sort the results in any way.  This is what's at the top.

Never mind that she's a beast.  Never mind that she is REPRESENTING America...

The top result shows a HIGHLY misconstrued quote from her father mentioning that she shouldn't argue with men because her safety is at risk... (a different meaning than the headline reads, dontcha think?).

And, the second falsely claims she is "criticizing her country."  No, hunny, she is shedding light on important topics.  People keep saying she is abusing her privilege.  Well, guess what? They don't want me, your everyday American Muslim girl, to sit on television and bring these points up.  She is utilizing her platform for goodness - for people who fit in all "other" categories.

Don't even get me started about the comments on these two articles... they literally make me cry.  

Ibtihaj's father said it best: "I said the media is tricky, and they try to cause a controversial thing because that’s what sells papers" (Hines).

Please, America: Be proud of someone who represents you.  Be proud if she wears hijab or a thong.  Love her.  Accept her for who she is... just as you would want your children to be accepted.

I saw someone say they didn't care that she wears hijab and it's irrelevant and she's not special.  Have you ever worked out in hijab? No? Then you can't comment.

Not only that, but people are only mad because she is redefining the narrative of a Muslim person as a more accurate depiction and not the oppressed homemaker that the television loves to show.

Oh, and if you hate her... I hope she smiles in your face with hijab on, waving a big old American flag.

#TeamUSA #TeamAcceptance #TeamDiversity #TeamLOVE

Mabrook, ya 7elwa. Allah y3teke ALF 3fyah <3