If Your Name is Mohammad, Don't Act Like a Pig...

My dear Muslim Brothers, While I'm pretty closed off to the world on most social media, I have over 10,000 people on my LinkedIn. I'm, of course, much less personal there than I would be with close friends on Instagram or Facebook.  I hate to say it, but I have to:

Social media is not a dating site. especially LinkedIn - it's a professional networking website to discuss business ideas. While I'm definitely annoyed by the stupid messages I receive (mind you, my picture is me in niqqab and still I have "sexy eyes"), I'm even more disgusted by what Muslim men are willing to say to nonMuslim women there.

Today, a western girl announced she had decided to start a new business venture in a brief post which included a picture of her with an inspirational scene in the background. She is a beautiful girl, mashaAllah.

While the comments from her western male counterparts were congratulatory for the business, the comments from my brothers in Islam all said "beautiful smile," "she's pretty cute," and "she's a beautiful girl." Even three Muslim guys commented on the photo as if she could not read the comments - talking to each other about how "cute" she is.



Only Allah can judge you and its between you and Him when you make rude comments like this which directly contradict with our religion's teachings to treat women by their character and work and not by their outwardly appearance.

Personally, I am asking you to consider how Western women would then view Muslim men. If i didn't know better, I would feel that they were all pigs.

When your name is Mohammad, or any other name with a Muslim connotation, you represent our religion.  When I wear a hijab, I represent our religion.  Because we both represent our religion, which is perfect, we should avoid making such indecent remarks.  While I might whisper to close friends "check out the guy at 2 o'clock," I would not go up to him and say "wow, you're hot!" And, I'm sure you would expect the same or more from your sisters or mothers or daughters.

You absolutely must learn to have the same respect for others as you expect us to have as Muslim women.  You must also learn to have the same respect for nonMuslims as Muslims.  Just because a woman doesn't cover her hair or her body, does not make her an object.  She's still a woman, just with less cloth.

They're all your sisters.

They're all your mothers.  

They're all your daughters.  

May Allah (swt) teach all of us - including myself, of course - better manners and make us better representations for our religion.


Your Sister