My Love-Hate Relationship with This World

SubhanAllah, I do not think there is anything more that I both love and hate than this world. God truly gave us the most beautiful place to call home.  Cheesy I know - but, I'm often literally speechless at how beautiful some places on earth are.  I remember the first time I went to Los Angeles and I was driving on the highway and saw the mountains and just started crying my eyes out.  SubhanAllah, this earth is truly magnificent. Allah is the best Artist, Creator, Painter... well, He's the best Everything, to be honest. Each leaf is perfect.  Each grain of sand is perfect.

There's nothing more that I love to do than travel.  Every penny of extra money I have I spend on travelling. It's my favorite thing to do! I want to see all of this world! It's so amazing!!!!

And, the saddest thing to me, is that we are the worst part of the world.

Not all of us, of course.

Some of us are wonderful additions to this place. Some work to do good constantly. Some give of their hearts, their time, their everything, to make this place better.  I hope someday I achieve this level of goodness.

But, some of us just suck.

Why would you possibly ruin His Creation? Why would you hurt people? How can you watch people suffer and not be heartbroken inside?

I had a 4 minute panic attack the other day because there was a kitten near a wheel of a car and I had to make sure that the people driving the car saw it before they backed up and before I left.

An hour after my panic attack, people killed hundreds of people (not just 140 - look it up, people, there's attacks all over the world!) for no reason.  For Syria? For Palestine? For other human lives? My heart breaks for Syria and Palestine, but killing other people makes my heart break more, not less.

I feel that I am so blessed in my life.  Not just because I have all the material things I need to survive. But, because God gave me a tiny place on this earth. I watch this one Ted Talk all the time that I will post about in the future, but the main point of it is that subhanAllah, the likelihood of our existence as a person is like 1 in 400 trillion.  Why the hell would you want to ruin that? And, selfishly, why would you ruin this beautiful place that Allah gave ME?

I know wanting peace on earth is naive and stupid, but I want peace on earth.

Not peace in first world countries.  Peace everywhere. I know it's impossible, because Allah made perfection only in Heaven, so maybe that's why our world is so bad.  Because we have another place to go to that is exponentially better.


But, still, while I'm here, I wish we could all make it as good as it can possibly be. I wish we all added to the perfection of the earth and didn't take away from it.

May Allah make all of us - Muslim, Christian, Jew, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Taoist, whatever the heck you are - additions to the perfection of His Creation.  May we be constantly reminded of this gift He gave us in being alive and may all of our lives be in striving to make this a better place.

I say it every single day: We are all brothers under the same God. Why can't they hear me?