How Do You Like Living in Saudi Arabia?

One of my readers requested this topic, and I wanted to give an update after being here for six months anyway :) In general, I love Saudia.

Actually, after reading the post I wrote when I first came to Saudi, it was funny to see how my perspective has changed, subhanAllah, especially on the things I hate.

I still hate that people think I'm Saudi automatically because I cover my face.  I like it in that I blend in and no one asks annoying questions, but I hate it in that I have awkward conversations when someone catches me off-guard and my Arabic is not on point that day :) I also still really hate that I get sick in the backseat of cars.  When I have to take a driver, I get REAL queezy.

Everything else has changed!


I now LOVE gahwa Arabi (Arabic coffee) but I am particular about which ones I like.  One of the guys at work brings the BEST one from home every day and I can't wait to drink it when I arrive!

I used to hate other foreigners, now I have come to an understanding with them.  After getting to know many Filipinos and other nationalities that are working here in Saudi, I realize that it's pretty awesome that we can all get along here.

Workers are still rude, but I'm starting to care less and less.  For example, the guy that works at the coffee shop in the hospital, makes my morning by serenading me daily. He hates people so much and we have many inside jokes.  He's my favorite Filipino in the world.  He makes up for all of the rude, annoying workers here like the jerks at my bank.

Now that I have been here long enough, getting food has been much easier. (I got fat again!) and I have places to go to wear clothes now, which was one of my complaints from before.

I love that I don't have problems covering my face, no one tells me to "go back where I came from" (and for the first time, people could say that and be correct!) and that everyone here is Muslim.  It's easy to pray. It's easy to talk about Islam.  And, we are not hated for our love for God.  That is what I find is the biggest blessing about Saudia.

More than anything, my biggest complaint is that my heart is scattered across the globe.  I terribly miss my two best friends, who are living in different parts of California.  I terribly miss my Grandmother, cousin, and family, who live in Ohio.  And, when I went to visit them in Ohio, I missed Saudi terribly.

The lesson that being here has taught me is that no where on earth is perfect.  Perfection is in Jannah with Allah.  In Jannah, there is love without separation.  Here, on earth, we cannot be with everyone that we love at once.  We have to sacrifice.

I'm really happy where I am, Alhamdulilah.

Make no mistake, this place is not for everyone! But, for me, Alhamdulilah, it's becoming my temporary home.  My real Home is in Jannah, inshaAllah.

But, ya Rb, You give someone the inspiration to invent a teleporter soon! I have some travelling to California, Ohio, and many other places across the world to do!