Why Starbucks Cups Are the Last Thing You Should Worry About Today

This morning I woke up to "CupGate" on my Facebook feed.  Apparently, there is much hatred in the States being spewed at Starbucks for leaving "Merry Christmas" off their cups. 657264095

Guess what? It doesn't freaking matter.

I'm not saying it doesn't matter because I don't celebrate Christmas.

I'm not saying it doesn't matter because I don't live in the States anymore.

I'm saying it because it really doesn't matter.

Actually.  I'm wrong.  Cups matter.

The cup of dirty water for the children in Africa - that cup is important.

The empty cup for the starving refugee children - that cup also means something.

And, the cup of medicine to help a sick old woman - that one is also important.

One that holds your latte, isn't.

I was angry all morning seeing people with this vengeance about stupid Starbucks cups.  Then, I got to work, and I realized it's all meaningless.

I started my day by hearing some extremely devastating news.  A girl that holds a similar position that I do, had a tragedy in her family.  Her daughter passed away yesterday - may God be pleased with her.

I don't know this girl. I don't know anything about her family or about her life.  I don't share my religion with her.  I don't share my culture with her. But, I do share my God with her. (I share my God with everyone - if you believe in Him or if you don't.)

And in my humble, often wrong opinion, my God would want us all to realize that cups - or at least what is written on cups - doesn't matter, but fellowship and brotherhood do.

This world is pretty messed up that this little baby's death is less important than some stupid freaking cups in the eyes of the world.  Alhamdulilah, in the eyes of God, that is not the case. He is with us, He hears and He sees.  And yet, we are blind and deaf.

SubhanAllah, today was a reminder for me to forget about the stupid problems in this world and focus on the real ones.  While you're at it, focus on the blessings. And, please say a prayer for that baby and a safe journey to Heaven for her, inshaAllah. I hope there's a sippy cup with her name on it.