A Guy Will Leave You, God Won't

I just wanted to mention to all the wonderful, intelligent, beautiful women I know this: God will never leave you. I have heard about several of my friends getting divorced or going through marital problems over the past few months, and I hope you are all so incredibly aware that no matter what happens with a guy - God is never forsaking you.

Sometimes people ask me how I'm still Muslim after four years.  It's a terribly offensive question, but once I get over the offense, I ask them what they mean.  They say its because after a few years every convert they know left Islam.

The one common thread I see is this: they believed Islam was the path to a particular man.  

Here's the secret: Islam is the path to Jannah.  

For me, I did not love Islam because of a guy. I loved Islam because of Allah.

This love is never wavering.  This love doesn't have parents that don't approve of you.  This love does not have conditions.  This love does not require you to move. This love is unconditional and eternal.  

So, my wonderful sisters, know Allah is here for you in all times.  As am I.  And if you need something, don't hesitate to ask, but make sure that you don't associate our perfect religion with an imperfect man or imperfect culture or imperfect family.  

He has better planned.  For you and me, inshaAllah.