May Allah Be Pleased With You, Deah, Yusor & Razan

I cannot even pretend to understand the horrific news story about three YOUNG Muslims that were gunned down in their own apartment over a "parking dispute." I don't understand why it wasn't on the television until a whole day later.

I can't stop myself from getting emotional thinking about the pain and suffering of the family.

But, I have to say these three young people make me so, so, so proud to be Muslim.  They were living out Islam in the best of ways - helping others, giving of themselves and of their time.  They were so normal.  They were so much like the people that I aspire to be like.


It could have been any one of us - any of our friends.  I know I myself have gotten into little spats in public about similar stupid things and I know the other people's reaction was 150% of what it needed to be because of Islam.  And I'm sure the same could be said of them.

Anyways, I can't talk about it much more than that in detail because I'm already dropping tears all over my keyboard.

What I do want to say, however, is that I cannot think of a better way to honor these three beautiful souls than to contribute to something that they were passionate about.

I suggest strongly that you donate to the cause Syrian Dental Relief and fulfill their mission.

May Allah grant them all the highest levels of Jannah and may I have the honor of meeting them all someday in the most beautiful of places.