Welcome To My Life: An Example of a Message from Someone who Once Was Like Family

I'm not posting this for pity. Or attention. Or because I'm angry and want to retaliate. I'm posting this to show you the negativity in my life on a day-to-day basis.

I am happy to accept the negativity if it has to do with me being a brat. Every time something bad happens I always say to myself : "what did I do wrong that lead to this?"

This is a prime example of the fact I did not doΒ anything. You may note the last message I sent this person was in regards to her son's wedding.

Except be Muslim.

My name is blocked out in blue. Β Hers in black. Mind you this is a full grown ADULT - over twice my age.

Pardon the curse words.




Now, by no means am I the epitome of class in this conversation. I should definitely not have said my grandmother would rip this woman a new one... but my Grandma is pretty bada--.

I just want to show people the kind of messages I get from people who I REALLY loved.

I spent HOURS with this woman and she was like my own mother after my mother passed away. We were beyond close.

Hearing this always breaks my heart. I'm 24. I'm very intelligent. I am responsible. I am respectful. I'm also an idiot sometimes, but I have done nothing in my life not to deserve respect.

If the only thing "wrong with me" is the fact that I'm Muslim, my life is BLESSED. I'm honored.

If you're Muslim, please be more tactful than me in your responses to similar hatred.

If you're not Muslim, please never think about spreading this kind of hate, and be more conscious of the difference between sensationalized media and actual, true media.