What Are Common Misconceptions? Guest Blog Answers - More Than Hijab

So, in an effort to create more content - because people always tell me I need to "create more content," you can see one of the answers to recent questions from a blog post I did for More Than Hijab below.  I will use these for the next nine days.

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Ramadan Kareem!


As a Muslim in a western society, what are the common misconceptions about Islam that you face?
Truly, I face so many misconceptions that to find those that are “common” is actually somewhat a difficult question.  I suppose the biggest one would be the fact that if I’m Muslim, I must be Arab.  There is a disconnect between the fact that Islam – or being Muslim – is a religion, where as being Arab is an ethnicity.  People often ask if I’ve converted to Arab.  Or, when I ask where they think I’m from they answer “Islam.” That’s a huge one.
The other common misconception is that I hate America, which is extremely untrue.