Why Don't You Ever Talk About Palestine?! Because I'm Not WORTHY


Wallah my heart is broken over what's happening in the Arab world to my Muslim brothers and sisters - especially the innocent children. I don't talk about it because I'm not worthy of speaking about their precious lives.

I do have two things to say about the subject in general, however. I can't help it, I'm a big mouth:

1) Please, stop posting videos and photos of children slaughtered and cut in half.

May Allah (swt) be pleased with them and shelter them in Paradise.

Please, let's have respect for their fragile lives and instead of using their bodies to make a point, let's use their souls and their stories.

Social media is a powerful tool for awareness, but Allah (swt) is much more Powerful.



2) There is a difference between a Zionist and a Jew.

I DEMAND respect for Islam, and I would be a hypocrite if I didn't do the same for Judaism.

If you are Muslim, quit posting negative things about Judaism. Zionists are to Judaism as Al Qaeda is to Islam. They're NOT RELATED. Zionism was founded using the religion as a way to gain attention and support, but they are not actually supported by the religion.

Similarly, the Torah prohibits the creation of a specifically Jewish state.  

Your hate for Judaism is the same hate that others have for Islam in that it is the fault of a very small group of crazies.

This video has more information that was very enlightening to me. Click the link below or watch videos from Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss.




May Allah (swt) protect all of my Muslim brothers and sisters as WELL as my Jewish brothers and sisters in the area. May He put an end to the extremists of all religions as they are not doing justice for His beautiful Message. May all of those who lost their lives be granted the highest place in Jannah (Heaven) that they all rightfully deserve and may we all be blessed enough to have the honor of meeting them there someday.