Can I See Your Hair? And 11 MORE Questions People Ask Hijabis

1. ‘Can I see your hair?' Are you a girl? Then of course :)

2. ‘Do you find white guys attractive?’

I find good men attractive.  Although I don't see myself marrying a white guy, there are still many beautiful white guys - inside and out.

3. ‘I know this one guy who covers his hair to. Y’all should meet'

Oh my gosh, I know another brunette girl, you guys will be best friends! Actually, I know a guy - of the Sikh faith - that covers his hair too... And we have shared haircare tips and tricks.  He's awesome.

4. ‘So what is hummus really made out of?’

Chic peas, olive oil and garlic. And one or two tears of angels.

5. ‘I know (fill in the blank) hahaha sorry I thought you were her! You all just look so much alike.’

Yep, all black people, Asians, and Jews probably look the same to you too, right?

6. ‘Were you born in America?’



7. ‘Do you know any good hookah lounges?’

Nope.  Not a hookah fan.

8. ‘I feel bad you don’t know how it feels to have the wind in your hair.’

For this one, I must admit, I feel bad about it too.  It almost defeats the purpose of me having a convertible.  Once, my girlfriends and I went to the Hollywood sign at 3 AM and driving up the long road to get there (knowing absolutely NO ONE was on the road) I took off my hijab and felt it for myself. Pretty life changing. Definitely an amazing feeling.

I must say,vthough, I feel bad that you don't get to have the same feeling I get in hijab though, the ultimate feeling of protection.

9. ‘Whats that thing in the back of your head?'

A hamster.

It's my hair....

10. 'Are you bald?'

Sure if that would give you additional questions about number 9....

11. 'Ya know, I was just nervous to approach you because I didn't know if you spoke English”

How ironic! I was scared to approach you because you look like an ignorant fool!

12. "Do you miss showing off your hair?"

Gotta be honest, my hair is pretty fabulous... But I get to show it off to my girlfriends and they're the only ones I care about seeing my hair anyways.

Last post to come tomorrow!