Do You Shower With That On? And 11 Other Questions About Hijab...

1. ‘Do you shower with that on?’ Man, I really hope not, because if so I've really been doing it wrong.  No, of course not! I take my showers in the same outfit that all other girls in this world do: birthday suit.

2. ‘Do you ever get to show your hair to anyone besides your husband?’

Sure, all girls can see my hair! As for boys, only our fathers, brothers, children, grandfathers, etc... Close blood relatives. Cousins not included. Additional accessories sold separately.

3. ‘How old were you forced to put that on?’

I have yet to be forced :) I chose to wear hijab at age 20 on August 1, 2011, a few months after I took my shahada.

4. ‘Are you allowed to style it?’

There are many styles that girls do that are allowed as long as our hair is covered. Ultimate goal is modesty, though, so anything that draws attention should be avoided.  I wear a normal, black hijab, very "classically" wrapped.

5. ‘You get to take it off when you get married, right?’

In front of my husband, YOU BET! And I can't wait!

6. Do you have sex with that on?’

I can't answer this from my own experience, but I sure would hope not... Don't think that would be great for the hubs...

7. ‘Can I touch it?’

Nope, it bites. But, seriously, NO! I don't want you to touch my head. Can I caress your hair? No? That's weird. SAMEZIES. Go to TJ Maxx, buy another scarf and touch it all you want. It will be the same exact thing.

8. ‘Is it pinned to your skull?’

Yes, when we are born we have special magnets implanted in our skulls and then the pins secure to the magnets...

NO! 9. ‘How do you get passed airport security?’

Not easily. I get the full pat down, wands, magical potions, etc...

10. ‘How many colors do you have?’

One. Black.

I used to have hundreds. Every color you can imagine, but now I stick with basic black.

11. ‘I bet your hair is soooo long!’


12. ‘Teach me how to belly dance.’

Only if you teach me how to Dougie.

Posts to come over the next two days with the rest of the questions!