So, We Started a Charity

Bismillah AlRahman AlRaheem... Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 5.46.45 PM

Two weeks ago a friend and I were browsing a local thrift store and decided we should buy some clothes to give to homeless people.

Today I watched a video and was completely inspired. The person in the video gave $1000 to a homeless person who was definitely in need of it.

So, I decided I wanted to make care packages to give to LA's homeless because every time I see and give a couple dollars I realize it wouldn't make nearly the impact that some of their necessities may make:

- A new change of clothes: a shirt, pants, underwear & socks

- A lunch: sandwich, chips, cookies

- Hygiene products: deodorant, tooth brush & paste

- A verse from Quran or Hadith translated in English so they can taste the beauty of Islam

Combined these products will cost me about $10 per bag. I have a goal of raising $500 in order for us to make 50 bags.

So, my friends and I came together to each contribute a portion in order to help the homeless.

We hoped you may be willing to help as well.

If so, I ask you to : 1) make du'aa for us.

2) Contribute even a small amount if you can: HELP LA'S HOMELESS 

You can read more about it at the site or below.

Jazak Allah khair.

Wow. SubhanAllah, we are so blessed. We are on the computer right now. We are sitting somewhere warm. We are wearing clean clothes. We are well fed. We believe in God. This is a blessing.

Please remember that "every moment in which you were free from distress came only from Allah (swt). It was only a gift that He (swt) gave you - from His Mercy to you." Alhamdulilah.

So in celebration and thankfulness of our blessings, we wanted to bless other people. We would like you to help if you are able. We're all human and are all in need of help in different ways independent of if we are Muslims or not.

For us, we're just a group of five Muslim girls that wants to get together to help out the Los Angeles homeless we see every day. We try to help with a few dollars when we can and someone asks us, but what would be more meaningful is to give a bag of new clothes, maybe a deodorant or other small hygene products, and a sandwich. It's so simple.

So the five of us wanted to open this up to everyone else to see if you would be interested in helping and inshaAllah receiving some of the ajr too (Allah knows we need it!) Each of us is donating, but it would be way more helpful to these people if we pull our resources.

Our goal isn't too major, and I hope you will consider donating even a tiny amount.

Jazak Allah khair and please keep those less fortunate than us in your prayers.