Please Help!

Salaam all:

I know I haven't posted in a while - inshaAllah I plan to write a few posts this weekend - I finally have just a bit of extra time.

I wondered if you may consider helping someone, inshaAllah.  Tina Shammohammadi, the artist whose work I feature on my page (BEAUTIFUL artwork might I say) has started a fund for a woman that she knows that is trying to save up to rent a new apartment for her and her 2 children - this requires a significant deposit. The apartment she was living in decided to sell the house and she needs to move out.

Alhamdulilah, we are so blessed to have roofs over our heads and the ability to give back to others.

Please consider donating if you are able.  Please also keep this family in your du'aa.

Here is the link to do so: HOME FOR FAMILY OF 3

Tina is such an amazing person mashaAllah to think to create this fund, we should try to donate to help out.

Jazak Allah khair and look for my upcoming posts!!

"Be sure that when we put money in the hand of the poor, it is like putting it into the Hand of God"