What Are Some Things That Have Touched Your Heart?

Usually, my job is not so closely related to Islam, although my boss buys me hijabs when she goes on vacation, and our new buyer's agent said "InshaAllah" the other day :) However, this is something I had to share with everyone... My boss and I have recently been working to include video in our company's listings in order to better the experience of the houses we sell - and we sell some AWESOME, adorable homes!

In order to do so, we have been through some not-so-steady steadycam work, and definitely some pretty funny outtakes.

Maybe when we watch television we are so consumed by the actors that we never consider the camera work, but when you are watching it and concentrating on the camera work you see how much it is a part of the story.  You need to be an awesome camera guy to have an awesome show/film/commercial....

So, in our quest, she stumbled upon some guys that wrote and directed a mini series and to show us their camera work, they sent us a film they made called "Anamnesis." And, I watched it.  First, I tried to pay attention to the camera work, as that is what matters to our company, but I was absorbed in the story.   (Not just for the AWESOME names! Hannah :) )

Anyways, I recommend you all watch this all the way through!

I had a TERRIBLE week, but this is a constant reminder that subhanAllah, there is a much bigger picture to consider than what we consume our daily lives struggling with.

Someday we won't be who we think we are, but instead we will be who we have always been...


Comment and like this one and spread widely - they're awesome guys and it's an awesome video.

May Allah (swt) always keep our focus on the next life and not this temporary fleeting one...<3