"What's Your Name?" "Hannah" "No, I Mean What's Your REAL Name"

name This is just a quick one, but something I'd love to tell everyone.

My name is Hannah.  Yep, my REAL name is Hannah.

The day I became Muslim my name was Hannah.

Was Hannah here....

The day I was born my name was Hannah.

Still Hannah here...

The day I lost my first tooth my name was Hannah.

Here I think I was Aminah... oh no... wait... still Hannah

When I die my name will be Hannah. But I might spell it Hana... or not... who knows?

Just.... Hannah.

Always have been ... Hannah.


Yes, this name has Arabic origins. My family didn't care about that when they named me Hannah.

They heard the name, they liked it.  That was it.

I didn't change my name when I entered Islam, nor did I feel a need to.  And if my name was Shaniqua, I wouldn't have changed it either.

I understand some converts find it important to change their name to an Arabic name, but there's nothing that mandates you must change it.

As long as you have a name that doesn't conflict with Islam, then you are allowed to keep your name!

"According to Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid, '...if one's name is Abdul-Messiah, for example, or similar such names, then he is obligated to change it, as the Prophet  had people with the names Abdul-Ka'bah and Abdul-Uzzah change their names upon accepting Islaam. If the original name does not comprise or imply anything forbidden in Islaam, then he or she is permitted to retain it (such as the name George, for example).'"

I like my name, and I don't plan to change it.  Alhamdulilah my parents named me something good - and something that sounds like I've always been Muslim.  I think it's ironic, yes, but I don't think I would have ever changed it anyways.

Also, what I find amusing, is that I have a few convert friends whose names have always been Arabic names - Sarah, Jenna, Mariam, etc...

It's like our parents knew!

My kids will have beautiful Arabic names, inshaAllah someday when I have children.

May we all reflect the goodness of our names and name our children names of goodness that Allah (swt) will be pleased to call us by on earth and in Heaven.